Make Your Own Flavoured Butter



For the Fig Butter:

  • 114g of softened butter
  • 165g of Le Pain Quotidien Organic Fig Jam 

For the Harissa Butter:

  • 114g of softened butter
  • 1 ½ tablespoons Le Pain Quotidien Organic Harissa

For the Citrus Caper Butter:

  • 114g of softened butter
  • 45g of Le Pain Quotidien’s Wild Capers in Sea Salt
  • Zest of 1 lemon, grated.
  • Herbs to taste (Dill, parsley, cilantro…get creative!)

A sliver of melted butter can take your fluffy pancakes, juicy steak, salmon fillet, or warm crumpet to the next level. Now, imagine all your favourites with the added touch of flavoured butter—sweet or savoury. Absolutely delicious. Making your own flavoured butter couldn’t be easier or more effortless a process, either.

We have a few tried and true combinations straight from our pantry, but feel free to get creative! Any spice, spread, jam or herb makes for a great mix-in with your standard stick of butter! You can use a blender or food processor to combine the butter and whatever other flavors you select. You can also easily mix your ingredients into the butter by hand. Once mixed, place your flavoured butter in parchment, wax paper or plastic wrap. Roll into a log shape and refrigerate for up to two weeks. You can even extend your flavoured butter’s life by freezing it in smaller packets for future use and easy defrosting!

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Fig Butter:

Mix in fig jam for a fruity butter that adds texture with its seeds and a sweet nutty flavour that complements anything from cheese ravioli to your morning waffles.

Harissa Butter:

For a spicy, savoury butter, try mixing in our Organic Harrisa spread! Harissa has the flavours of sweet and mild dried peppers, garlic, tomato, olive oil, cardamom, salt and coriander.

Citrus Caper Butter:

This tangy, flavourful butter with lemon zest and capers is perfect for fish, crusty bread or paired with vegetables like grilled asparagus or cauliflower. Adapt it with whatever herbs you have on hand. Throw in some raisins for surprise sweetness!


Making your own flavoured butter couldn’t be simpler. Try experimenting with different flavours at home!
Did you mix up any of our flavoured butter combinations yourself? Do you have another combination you love? Review this recipe below and comment to share your helpful tips.

Image: Flickr, majorbonnet

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Make Your Own Flavoured Butter

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